Ivan Drago's 2,150 psi Punching Force Training

Published: 16th January 2012
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Mixed Martial Arts are currently all the rage. Arguably, there are few moments in sports as exciting as “the Knock-Out Punch.” In a lively MMA match, you may catch a big KO Superman punch if the fight doesn’t go to the ground. Before MMA was big on the scene, Boxing was the sport pitting man versus man that was most intriguing. Many boxers, both real and fictional, became famous because of their athletic prowess. Chances are good that you are familiar with fictional boxer Ivan Drago. In case you’re not, he is the Russian adversary to Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV that epitomizes the Cold War. Drago was a towering powerhouse who in real life would easily whip Sly around the boxing ring at will. Because this was a movie and not real life, that’s not exactly how it played out. In the 1985 blockbuster, Drago was portrayed has having a punching force of 2150 psi. Now that’s some serious power. Powerful enough to kill Apollo Creed, though it wasn’t enough to break Rocky’s spirit. So how do you develop that kind of punching power?

If you’re looking to develop some serious punching power for either the ring or the octagon, then you need to train with the spirit of Rocky and the focus of the “eye of the tiger.” You have to never say die and keep pushing come hell or high water. Do you have what it takes to be able to punch through walls and become king of the ring?

What you need to develop is sheer power! To do that, you must improve your strength and speed. You must also develop knock out power in both hands. That requires you to be certain that you are training each arm independently. So, how do you accomplish all of these necessities?

1) Move considerable weight
2) Move with speed
3) Develop supporting muscles
4) Train for equal power in each arm

Necessity #1: Move Considerable Weight
When looking to develop power, you must tax the muscles with heavy weight. Though endurance is important and light weight for high reps will build endurance, it is not the way to develop power. For power, 5-6 sets of 4-8 reps with heavy weight will do the trick. The higher weight causes the body to recruit the majority of muscle fibers to fire at once to move the weight. If an equipment is rated to 200 pounds per handle, that’s 400 pounds of weight to work with on your pushing movements. The results you can get from that type of weight are incredible. This is perfect for creating massive force such as that used when punching. A more powerful Press lends to a more powerful punch.

Necessity #2: Move with Speed
When training for maximum power you need to consider the variables of power - force (the amount of weight) and SPEED. This is why the traditional “one second up/two seconds down” lifting pace is not the best way to improve punching power. You can, and should train with that type of speed during SOME of your training. But, you should also INCORPORATE FASTER and CONTROLLED movements during other workouts. With the help of a machine, it allows you faster movements while keeping you moving safely through a proper range of motion. Now you can move serious weight with speed. This is a great combo but you must remember.

Necessity #3: Develop Supporting Muscles
You can develop all the push/punch power you want but if you don’t develop the supporting muscles, the success will be short lived. The supporting muscles are the back and the shoulders. You must make sure to develop their strength in proportion to that of the pushing movements. How do you do that? Add pulling movements to your workout.

Necessity #4: Train for Equal Power in Each Arm
If you only have KO power in one arm, it’s easier to avoid. If you have that KO power in both hands, then you are a force to be reckoned with. How do you develop power equally in both arms? You must lift using independent movements for each arm. This is accomplished by using dumbbells, or a piece of equipment with Iso-Lateral capabilities. Each arm operates independently so while you may be lifting them simultaneously, each is getting the work necessary to assure proper symmetry and balance. The result is TWO powerful arms with raw power!

One more thing to consider: don’t be naïve. Punching power doesn’t solely come from upper body development. Power starts in the legs. Whatever equipment you decide to train with, make sure it will work as hard as you do. Also be sure to get a gym that is capable of handling your workout for today and tomorrow! Expandability, high weight capacity and smooth movements are essential.

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